Writing Projects I’m Working on Right Now

The best part of the writing process is the creation part, and, with how crazy my imagination is, I never run out of things to create.

The way I write fiction mirrors my reading habits and preferences: I love a good story no matter its genre, I’m drawn to morally flawed characters, and I like action (laser guns, swords, magical powers, planets going KABOOM, hand to hand combat—you name it!).

Learn more about or check in on any of my works in progress (W.I.P.) via the link below or the progress bars on my blog page.


A supernatural urban fantasy comic series about an ancient mission that gets personal. Knight is currently in its drafting phase.

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A dystopian technothriller novel about two unlikely heroes and the world that hates them. Retaliation is in its editing phases.

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Warrior’s Ruin

A sword & sorcery fantasy comic series about one warrior’s unavoidable destiny. Warrior’s Ruin just returned from beta readers and is currently in its editing phase.

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The Dark Below

A supernatural horror novella about a witch’s ghastly curse. The Dark Below is currently in its drafting phases.

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