The Dark Below

A witch, a curse, and a rescue mission.

Genre: Supernatural YA

Format: Novella

Project Status: Resting.

Project Completion goal: TBD

The story behind The Dark Below

Dark Below, like most of my surreal ideas, came to me in a dream—and not the happy go lucky kind! It was a freaky nightmare that had my heart racing when I woke up.

It blossomed into a story after I got over the terror factor.

I started the rough draft during April 2014 Camp NaNoWriMo and finished in July. It was called Lantern back then, but people kept asking me if I was writing a Green Lantern fanfic so I changed the name.

Why I like writing The Dark Below

I like writing about creepy things in this story: grotesque monsters, dark places, gremlins!

Hmmm…maybe this isn’t a YA book?

So, what’s the status?

July 2014

Finished the first draft! Yay.

April 2014

Started writing the first draft. Failed miserably.

Early 2014 or before

Had a creepy nightmare that nearly gave me a heart attack. Wrote it down.