She wants to disappear from the world and he wants to exploit it, but both must save it.

Genre: Dystopian / Technothriller

Series: Yeppers! Maybe a trilogy.

Status: Reworking the bare bones

Completion goal: Edited “final” draft by Jan. 2019

The story behind Retaliation

One day, I realized that I loved science fiction. With all the video games, movies, shows, and books I’ve read in the genre, it’s surprising that I didn’t realize this sooner. Alas, I wanted to create something in the genre.

I wrote my first draft of Retaliation sometime in 2012 as a steampunk revenge novella. The characters seemed stilted to me so I redrafted it again in November (during NaNoWriMo!). I didn’t like it or the six redrafts after. That’s right, I rewrote this project EIGHT times! I like to think that I was discovering my story during those earlier drafts since they’ve helped me understand my characters better.

Retaliation is now a gritty dystopian novel centered on redemption, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Why I like writing Retaliation

I love writing my two main characters. They’re flawed people who’ve both done or been through immoral things—things that weigh heavily on their consciousness. The difference between them is the way they deal with their problems and cope with their own atrocities.

So, what’s the status?


I’ve decided to make this project my priority this year. I’ve made headway on the plot holes mentioned in the previous note. The plan is start another improved and focused draft in March.


Things are going smoothly! I’m still filling in some plot holes in the overall story and will start another redraft. My attention is divided between this one and other demanding projects. Ugh…


At the moment, I’m working on some edits on the world building level and will implement them during May—June 2017.

Sometime in 2012

Started the project and went through A TON of redrafts.