Projects I’m Currently Working On-

The best part about being a fiction writer is that I get to create worlds and then destroy the lives of those that live in them (cue evil laugh).

The following projects are the ones that I dedicate the majority of my writing time to terrorizing. I update each project’s page as they develop.


A supernatural urban fantasy comic series about an ancient mission that gets personal. Knight is currently in its drafting phase.

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A dystopian technothriller novel about two unlikely heroes and the world that hates them. Retaliation is in its editing phases.

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Warrior’s Ruin

A sword & sorcery fantasy comic series about one warrior’s unavoidable destiny. Warrior’s Ruin just returned from beta readers and is currently in its editing phase.

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The Dark Below

A supernatural horror novella about a witch’s ghastly cures. The Dark Below is currently in its drafting phases.

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