When an ancient, holy mission gets personal.

Genre: Urban fantasy

Format: Comic

Project Status: Drafting

Project Completion goal: First draft on 7/31/17

The story behind Knight

I started this project in March with only a premise, but didn’t write anything down until I was sure about what I wanted. This meant a ton of research! I spent a few months perusing libraries and reading academic articles before I was confident enough to start writing down ideas.

Why I like writing Knight

I love writing my main character. He’s a gruff and complicated man that often shocks the people around him.

So, what’s the status?


Finished the draft last week and am now reading through the work. Plot holes…plot holes everywhere!


I just finished outlining the story and am ready to dive into the drafting phase. I hope I can get it done within the week!


Just finished the rough outline. I’m fine tuning it now. I’ll be able to start drafting it soon. YAY!


Using July’s Camp NaNoWriMo to work on this project.


Writing down my first ideas and worldbuilding.


Started working on the project. I can feel the ideas incubating! Love that new project smell.