Okay, Desiree. Lets talk about your writing.

1. What the heck does WIP mean? Can you eat it?

W.I.P is an acronym that stands for “works in progress” or “works in process.” It’s how I refer to my unfinished fiction projects that stress me out and makes me question my sanity. Edible? Don’t think so.

You can check out some of my current WIP here.

2. Ok, so what type of fiction do you write?

Many writers swear by a niche. While I don’t think this is a bad thing (if it works for them, fine!), it’s just not my thing. I don’t censor or restrict myself and I write whatever I’m in the mood to write. I don’t specialize in a particular genre and I’m always willing to learn a new form of creative writing.

You can check out some of my current WIP here.


3. What are they about, when are they coming out, and other such questions that you can’t answer in person because they make you super-duper nervous?

I don’t get nervous. I just forget how to speak which is why I wrote it all down for you on this nifty page organized by project. Just click on the one that interests you!

Lets talk about book reviews.

1. Do you review books?

Yes I do! I love reading and sharing awesome stories with others.

2. How do you rate them?

I don’t have a rating system. If I finished it, I liked it.

Remember that art (and books are a work of art!) is subjective and my reviews are my own opinions. That doesn’t mean I’ll never discuss what I didn’t like about a book! There’s always something about a book that I don’t like, but usually my likes outweigh my dislikes.

3. How do you review books?

The structure changes, but usually it goes a little like this:


  • summary
  • what I liked
  • what I disliked
  • memorable scene
  • favorite characters


  • summary
  • what I learned
  • favorite highlights

4. What books do you usually read?

I frequent books in the science fiction, fantasy, and thriller genres, but I’m not married to them. I’ll read anything so long as it’s intriguing and sports compelling, conflicted characters.

4. I think you’d like my book! Can you give me a honest review on your blog, amazon, and goodreads?

I may be accepting submissions, check here.

5. I know a good book that I think you’d like. Can I suggest that you read it?

Sure, fire away.

Lets talk about guest posting.

1. Can I appear on your blog as a guest or submit a guest post?

Absolutely. Contact me here.

2. What are your guidelines for guest posts.

You can find the guidelines here.

3. Do I get paid for posting on your blog?

Nope, but you do get exposure.

4. Do I have to pay to post on your blog?


4. What’s an ideal guest post for Inky Tavern?

Something about writing, writer’s life, reading, books, blogging, and etc.. Go here for more information.

I want to talk about something else…

1. Do you have a subscription list I can join?

Working on it. Promise.

2. Can you read my unfinished manuscript?

Nope, but if you need a beta reader (something you get after your book is written and self-edited) sure. Maybe. Contact me here.

3. I have a business inquiry for you. Can we get in touch?

Yep. Use this form.

4. I couldn’t find the answer to my question here. Where do I go?

You can tell me all about here.